Star Academy

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on April 29, 2010 by Ahmed

Been 7 years since the star academy show existed but i was never interested to watch it before this year.

First few weeks i didn’t understand anything from what was going on but i guess now i do , it’s supposed to be based on talented people who can sing representing their countries ,unfortunately i cant get how those people were chosen, coz in my opinion, they have no talent and i am sure there are more talented people in each country who can do more than that.

Anyways that’s not what is bothering me, coz for sure judges in this program know more than i do.

The idea is that those chosen boys and girls are kept together in a house for like three or four months to study and take lectures about music and one of the rules is to put like a million camera in the house every where so we can always see them and each must put a microphone on so we can hear them .

I really cant get the idea why the hell should anyone be seeing or hearing them 24/7 ?

I guess it would have been much better if i know the contestants and from which countries are they and just see them weekly in the prime and watch who had the most votes coz he/she deserves it and who will be kicked out.

What’s surprising me is that each one of the guys or girls is in a love story now!

Is love that easy to be understood like this?

Is it  just for being in a place with  someone for a certain period of time?

Are those people so shallow and empty from the inside to think like that?

I wonder is it just for passing time ? didn’t they have a life back home in their countries?

I keep asking myself these questions every time i watch this channel by chance.

Are those people nuts and can’t see that what they think they feel towards each other will end the minute each one goes back home to his normal life ? or is love that cheap to be understood like that ?

And what’s surprising me more is how the media is dealing with them like couples to use them to gain more profit and attention for the show ,they remind me of Ginny pigs.

At other times i watch these people fight together and lots of talking behind the back, lots of crying too coz ya 7aram they miss their parents which is to me bull shit. if i am still a baby like this why the hell would i agree on staying 3 months away from my family if i know it’s the rule of the game from the start .

By all means i don’t like the show except for the prime every Friday and i am lucky i didn’t watch this all the seven years .